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A Fresh Start

By Michael Babker, Published on

I've always had a hard time writing content for this site (or really, any blog in general). Looking back at what I have written over the last few years, I've come to realize the problem is in part the tone my content has had. So, I think it's time for a fresh start here.

The Problem

I honestly didn't set myself up for success with this blog from the word go. In fact, I mildly rushed to put it online to be able to write a blog post that I didn't want directly associated with my BabDev brand (and I've always tried to maintain a slight distinction between me as a person/developer and my open source software packages, even if that's a very minimal thing) to talk about things related to personal, professional, and open source burnout and frustration. The content never changed after that, it had a constant negative tone.

The Solution

It's time to say goodbye to all of that negativity that has defined this site since its creation. With that, I've decided to just blank the blog and start over fresh. With a clean slate, I feel like I might be more inclined to find time to share in more than 200-character snippets that are usually drooling in sarcasm or sound like someone who is nothing more than angry and bitter that things didn't go his way. But, we all know this is the internet, and once something is published it never goes away. There's always the Wayback Machine if you want to see the old version of this site with the old content as it was styled. Or, if digging into the code is your thing, the Laravel application powering this site is open sourced on GitHub and since this build is a flat-file CMS type solution you can find all of the old content by going back in the git history.