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Open Sourcing Docs Concept

For various reasons I don't really feel like getting into right now, I've honestly been feeling a fair bit burned out on Open Source contributions or just coding outside work in general lately, and as a result a lot of ideas and concepts I've started are just going nowhere. In the interest of sharing though, in the off chance there might be interest from someone in picking up on what was started, I've open sourced one of the concepts I started on; an upgraded version of the Joomla! API Documentation website, available at https://github.com/mbabker/api-docs.

Joomla! 3.6 Cache Changes

With the release of Joomla! 3.6, additional error handling was introduced to the caching layer to help prevent issues. Unfortunately, this has exposed some misconfigured sites and has been met with calls for the change to be reverted and for Joomla to essentially discard cache layer errors silently. I'm going to explain here why the changes were made, how this is consistent with the rest of the method's error checks, and what can be done to make this error happen less frequently.

Joomla! 3.5.1 Mail Changes

Joomla! 3.5.1 was released yesterday and reports have been coming in regarding new errors from the mail API. While this is annoying, there is a strong reason why this needed to happen and the repercussions of it.

Final Thoughts - Joomla Organizational Restructure

Over the course of Joomla's organizational restructure chats, I've been accused of a lot of things, most likely rightfully so. Anywhere from resisting change to hurting progress, and things like trolling and making false accusations. I'm probably guilty of all of the above in some way, so to keep myself from being an issue, these are going to be my last words on the topic.

The Distrust In The Military

My time in the US Army was easily one of the most rewarding experiences I will ever have in my life; it forced me to mature quicker than I may have wanted to, it enabled me to travel and enjoy a small portion of what the world offers, and it helped me to find something I was truly passionate about in development. Even with all of the good things that came about from that experience, the fact is that there is quite a bit about the military culture that isn't as great as people would like to believe. A recent story going around the internet highlights one of the issues plaguing the military service; a distrust of those you serve with.